Product Detail
100% high purity F46 liquid/FEP Dispersion DC-2A for anti-sticking coating

100% high purity F46 liquid/FEP Dispersion DC-2A for anti-sticking coating

CAS No. 25067-11-2 Place of Origin china
Brand Name DC-2A Model Number FEP dispersion DC-2A
Product name FEP Dispersion Liquid Color White
Application For anti-sticking coating Appearance Milk or yellowesh liquid

1. Product Description

Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene concentration dispersed liquid propylene from Tetrafluoroethylene with HFP copolymer which, in a non-ionic surfactant stable aqueous dispersion fluid, can be given is not usually possible with traditional methods for processing FEP resin products, the number of unique properties, the resin emulsion is the real thermoplastic plastic, typical of fluoride Resin outstanding characteristics : the continuing use temperature of 200 ° C, the maximum operating temperature of 240 ° C, almost all the industrial chemicals and chemical solvents showed inert. Its products have excellent thermal stability, corrosion resistance, excellent chemical inertness, good electrical insulation, and low coefficient of friction.

2. Main Applications

The liquid can be used as a coating, impregnation, is also suitable for the processing of many products, including heat resistance of the PTFE impregnated fiber surface coating, PWB, or electrical insulation materials, injection film, or chemical isolation materials, as well as PTFE and FEP their mutual connections melt adhesive. The liquid also can be used for modulation of the underlying substrate metal coating, but also with the production of glass cloth composite antifouling coating, and polyimide composites produced films such as high insulation.

3. Attention

*Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene concentration dispersed liquid propylene should avoid above 400 ° C processing used to prevent decomposition produces toxic gases.

*The long-term storage, the monthly sloshing containers should be gently stirred slowly emulsion or 2 to 3 times, to prevent pool Fluorinated liquid propylene concentration scattered precipitation.

4. Package, Storage and Transportation

* The resin is packed in double layer PVC bags inside and in hard cicular barrels outside. 25kg per barrel.   

* In 5 to 30 ° C, clean, dry storage environment

* According to the non-dangerous goods transport, the transport process should avoid heat, dried or severe shock.

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