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PCTFE Pellet M 400H

CAS No. granules Place of Origin Japan
Brand Name PTFE Model Number M-400H
Product name PCTFE Granules Color Natural
Application Sheets, tubing rods Appearance Fuloropolymer

Products Description-PCTFE Granules

PCTFE is a high molecular weight, rigid, high performance, chlorotrifluoroethylene homopolymer. Exhibits good melt flow processability, high compressive strength, low deformation under load, low cold flow and low gas permeability. Shows excellent dimensional stability, heat seal, low moisture absorption, excellent thermal and chemical stability.

PCTFE is designed for compression molding processes. Suitable for sheets, rods, seals/gaskets, valve/pump parts(diagphragms,impellers, seats and plugs), translucent tubing, sight glasses, flowmeter tubes, heavy wall solid pipes/fitting, gears, cams/bearings, laboratory wire, heat exchangers, tanks, reaction vessels, autoclaves, drums and containers. Used in antisticking surfaces rolles, rollers on textiles, machines suction boxes, molds for platic, production of toffee equipment dough chocolate and other food stuff, jackets, bellows, diagpharms and films.

Electrical applications include molded components,terminal boards, coil forms, printed circuit boards, connector/random covers, tube sockets wire coatings, jackets potentiometers and switches. NEOFLON PCTFE complies with ISO9002(Quality System) and ISO14001(Environmental System) regulations.   


            ItemMain Applications
Chemistry Industrygaskets, liner, level gauge, piping parts(various tubes), pump parts,semiconductor fixture. Extremely low temperature valve sealing
Electrical Industry
Sockets, coil formers, terminals, connectors, moisture-proof materials
Films, physical and chemical instruments, analytical instruments


Model No Flow Index        (ml/s)Apparent Density (g/ml)Molding Method



Powder with a particle size of 250~1700μm
       2*10-31.0compression molding,transfer molding
granular, can reduce mold volume when thick-walled products are compression molded
M-300P       2*10-31.0compression molding,extrusion molding,transfer molding
granular, can be colored as needed.                   
M-400H      0.6*10-30.9compression molding,transfer moldingGranular high molecular weight type

Remarking:    Measured with a flow meter at 230℃ under a load of 100kg.(Nozzle diameter: 1mmφ).

                      UL registered.


1. Mechanical Performance: The mechanical performance of PCTFE is better than PTFE at room temperature. PCTFE have large compressive strength, small creep, and good resilience, and its mechanical properties are greatly affected by temperature.   

2. Thermal performance: The melting point of PCTFE is 210~212℃. Its use temperature should be kept blow 130℃, when the temperature exceeds 300℃, it will gradually start to decompose.

3. Chemical Resistance Performance: PCTFE is a plastic with excellent corrosion resistance second only to PTFE, PFA, and FEP. It can be immersed in acid, alkali or oxidant for a long time and without any change. Except it can be corrosioned by molten alkali metal, fluorine element and chlorine trifluoride, it can also be corrosioned by chlorine and anmmonia.

4. Electrical Performance: The dielectric constant and dielectric loss factor of fluororesin are relatively small in a wide frequency range. Excellent electrical properties such as insulation electronics and dielectric breakdown voltage, and hardly affected by temperature and moisture. It is a high-frequency insulating material that can withstand harsh conditions far more than traditional materials.

5. Permeability performance: The water resistance of PCTFE is almost competely different from PTFE. Its weight did not change after ibeing immersed in hot water at 60℃ for 900 hours. In addition, its size did not change under water contact and high-temperature environmental conditions. The water vapor permeability of PCTFE film is the lowest among plastics. A film with a thickness of 0.075mm or more has a moisture permeability of 0.00% at a temperature of 38℃ and a relative humidity of 95% for 2 months.

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