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PTFE liquid for Impregnation of glass fiber,asbestos, anti-sticky coating

Place of Origin china Brand Name PTFE
Color White Application coating
Appearance PTFE emulsion

Products Description-PTFE Emulsion

PTFE Dispersion is a milky white aqueous PTFE dispersion stabilized with a nonionic surfactant. It is a general-purpose product, often preferred for coating and impregnating woven goods and some coating processes. It imparts properties unique to PTFE resin to porous structures, as well as to base materials when used as an additive. When properly processed, the PTFE resin in PTFE dispersion exhibits the superior properties typical of the fluoroplastic resin: retention of properties after service at 260℃(500℉)   and useful properties at -240℃。

characteristics of PTFE aqueous dispersion

1. Superior properties of chemical inertness: resistant to acid, alkali and all kinds of organic solvents, insoluble in nearly all solvents.

2. Excellent temperature resistance: it can maintain its mechanical strength over a wide temperature range between +250℃ and -180℃. Even if the temperature drops to -196℃, it can still keep 5% elongation. Maximum working temperature :260℃.

3. Outstanding dielectric performance: low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range with high breakdown voltage, volume resistivity and arc resistance. It is excellent C grade insulation material.

4. Flame retardance: limiting oxygen index (LOI) is above 90%.

5. Good weatherability resistance: best aging performance, good radiation resistance and low permeability. Keep retension of surface and properties even after long time exposion in the atmosphere.

6. Non-viscosity and low friction coefficient: its interfacial tension is the weakest among solid materials, making it inadhesive to any stuff.

* PTFE aqueous dispersion can be used in fiber coating, glass cloth coating or impregnating and other processing products.

Storage and handing

The products should be stored in clean, cool, shady, draughty and dry warehouses so as to avoid the contamination with dust and moisture. Drums may be rolled or the product stirred gently once a week or just prior to use. The dispersion must be protected from freezing, high temperature, exposion to balzing sun and heating, which will cause irreversible settling.


* The product is packed in plastic drums with net weight of 25kg or 1200kg net IBC.

* Products can also be packed according to clients' requirement.


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