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FEP resin fluorocarbon resin molding/ extrusion/ injection fluoropolymer

FEP resin fluorocarbon resin molding/ extrusion/ injection fluoropolymer

CAS No. 25067-11-2 Place of Origin Shandong China
Product name Fluoropolymer FEP Color Semi-transparent
Application All Appearance pellet Granules

Product Description

FEP is one kind of fluoropolymer.

Fluorinated ethylene propylene(FEP) is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene(TFE) and hexafluoropropylene(HFP). With good thermal stability, prominent chemical inertness, desirable electrical insulation and low friction coefficient, it can be processed with thermoforming technique. It can be classified into four grades in view of differences in melting flow rate(MFR).

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FEP Advantages

* Excellent erosion resistance: its chemical stability is similar to that of PTFE, which has extraordinary chemical stability. It can not be eroded when contacted with all chemicals except with fluorine elements under the high temperature, melting alkaline metal and CIF3.

* Prominent thermal resistance: next only to polytetrafluoroethylene. It can be used consistantly between -85℃ and +200℃. Even if in extreme condition of -200℃ or +260℃, it can also be used temporarily without deterioration of its function.

* Prominent electrical performance: its electrical resistance is quite similar to that of polytetrafluoroethylene. Its dielectric constant, some 2.1, changes little from cryogenic to maximum working temperature, from 50Hz to as high as 1010Hz. Dielectric dissipation factor may alter with changes of frequency, but iss not much affected by changes of temperature.

* Flame retardance:   a flame retardant material whose limiting oxygen indext exceeds 95%, so its combusion capability is very low. Even if a fire broke out, it will not become a secondary fire source which propels further burning.

* Prominent weatherability resistance: excellent antioxidant in the atmosphere, good resistance to changes in the atmophere.

* Non-viscosity and low friction coefficient, which is a little bigger than polytetrafluoroethylene.

Main Technical Properties




AppearanceTranslucent particle,without impurities such as metal debris and sand,containing visible black particles percentage point less than 2%
Melting Index(g/10min)2.1-5


(according to customer requirements)

Tensile Strength (Mpa)≥25.0162127
Elongation at Break (%)≥300250300320
Relative Gravity2.14-2.172.14-2.172.14-2.172.14-2.17
Melting Point(℃)260±10260±10260±10260±10
Dielectric Constant(106HZ)≤
Dissipation Factor(106HZ)≤7.0x10-47.0x10-47.0x10-47.0x10-4
Heat Stress Cracking ResistanceCrackless//Crackless

Perfluorinated Ethylienr-Propylene Dispersion-DS603

Apperance/Milky or yellowish liquid
Melting Indexg/10min0.8-10
Surfactant concentration3.5-8.0
PH value/7.0-9.0


FEP is mainly used for wiring, e.g. hook wire, coaxial cable, wiring for computer wires and technical gear.

FEP film can be used to protect molds during the curing process.

FEP semi-finished products like pipes, round bars, and sheets for lining containment vessels, gas scrubbers, and tanks are being used in diverse applications in the chemical-processing industry to safely contain and distribute highly-aggressive chemical compounds.

It is also used in UV cured resin 3D printing.

Storage and disposal

FEP resin should be stored in clean, cool, shady, draughty and dry warehouses. keep it away from heat sourse, at least 1m away. Term of validity: 5 years from the production date.

When the product which was placed for a period of time, we recommend drying out it at the temperature of 120-150 for 1-2 hours.

Packing and Ttansportation

1. FEP copolymer should be packed in polyethylene plastic bags and then sealed in external package bag. Net weight per bag: 25kg.

2. Nontoxic,noninflammable,inexplosive,non-corrosion,the product is transported according to non-dangerous product.

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